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Tri-Cities Comprehensive

Sleep & Wake Center

You can rest easy with 
the Vista Sleep Team.


We offer an initial consultation and evaluation to determine the best method of diagnosing and treating your sleep disorder with our Board Certified Sleep Sleep Specialist. 

Sleep Studies


We conduct a thorough evaluation of your sleep patterns to pinpoint problem areas. Home and lab sleep studies may be available based on your evaluation.

Diagnosis & Treatment


After the sleep study, we will make our diagnosis and explain it to you thoroughly along with our recommended treatment plan.

Ongoing Care


Ongoing care for patients with sleep disorders include continuous evaluation of progress and alternative methods of treatment if necessary.

Experts In Sleep & Wake Disorders


Experts in Sleep Disorders 
We have extensive experience in treating both adults and adolescent patients, During the initial Consult, you will discuss the Physical and emotional factors that could be affecting your sleep. It Will help decide whether a sleep atudy will be needed. 

Vista Sleep & Wake Disorders Center is dedicated solely to the study and cure of sleep disorders. We stress your needs and concerns which means prompt scheduling of appointments, comfortable atmosphere during studies and prompt evaluation and delivery of your results.

To schedule a consulation in our Oregon office please click the link below.


Voted Best Sleep Doctor & Facilities in 2012 by Sleep Review
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